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The MBA Advantage

At Medical Billing Advantage, our job is to help increase your average collection per patient. We deliver results well above the national average – and our competitors. We focus on a certain type of practice: independent, fee-for-service physician groups. With this sharp focus, MBA understands your needs. This specialization delivers an unsurpassed level of billing and compliance knowledge, making MBA a profitable alternative to less-specialized billing services.

Bottom-line Improvements

Some MBA clients have seen their appropriate reimbursement increase 25-30% within 12 months, compared to their previous billing vendors. The physicians achieved these results with no increase in services rendered.

Improved Compliance

In addition, Medical Billing Advantage offers you peace of mind. As a physician, you are responsible for all services billed under your name.  MBA trains you in multiple aspects of compliance. Despite what other billing vendors may say, it’s not hard! We help you eliminate the need for someone else to interpret your cases – someone making secondary compliance decisions for which you are accountable!

Real World Examples

MBA’s Reimbursement Performance Analysis showed one physician group how appropriate coding was worth $100,000 in annual charges – $60,000 in revenue – based on 11,000 patient visits.

For a larger group with 28,000 annual visits MBA identified $400,000 in revenue potential. The doctors earned this money appropriately within strict compliance guidelines but, due to less-than-optimum coding and billing practices, they never received it. They forfeited over $300,000 – and that’s not unusual!

More value without more work – that’s the Medical Billing Advantage. To learn more, contact MBA today!