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Provides Baseline Measurement for Your Practice

At Medical Billing Advantage, our goal is to help you streamline your processes, reduce waste, improve efficiency and boost revenues without working harder. To truly see measurable results, we feel it is important that you know where you are coming from – and where you are going.

Vital Information for Practice Management

We study your processes, your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Areas of concentration include:

Performance Analysis for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and techs– production vs. revenue

Location Evaluation: viability of production vs. revenue cost analysis for each office or facility

Payor Mix Information – production vs. predicted revenue collected

Patient Information – demographics, types of insurance and aged balances

Analysis of Coding Trends: including E/M codes and procedure codes

Coding Issues: payor-specific, with advice regarding reimbursement

User-Friendly, Readily Available Analysis

We have developed a multi-faceted report generator to comprehensively analyze specific issues. This tool is provided via a secure desktop created specifically for your practice or group. We also program reports, links and user-specific information and make it available on demand through our HIPAA compliant browser.

Improve Your Processes – and Your Bottom Line – with MBA!

Start driving efficiency, cutting waste and earning more. In other words, start working smarter with Medical Billing Advantage. Contact us to learn more!