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MBA’s EMOI® Medical Practice Enterprise Solution

Medical Billing Advantage knows that if your medical group wants to drive revenue and cut waste without working harder, automation is key. MBA’s EMOI® Medical Practice Enterprise Solution delivers more compliant coding, more precise billing information and greater efficiency in patient appointment scheduling, electronic medical charting and report generation.

EMOI®: Electronic Medical Office Integration from MBA

EMOI® is an electronic medical information management service. It is a workflow technology that drives financial and administrative components directly from a single point entry system of the clinical encounter. It creates a virtually paperless medical office environment, improving efficiency and documentation of care.

Medical Practice Enterprise Solution Features:

Single Point Entry System: For complete clinical, administrative and financial information capture
High Level Technology Infrastructure: Our software solutions are maintained and continually updated by skilled, experienced programmers. Your practice enjoys the latest technology, daily backups, software updates and hardware support – always.
Centrally Hosted: Centralized, secure and discreet applications
Multi-Site Access and Availability: Comprehensive networking for your entire group.
Adaptable Architecture: Scalable, customized application designed for your practice or group.
Fast Deployment: MBA installs your solution and trains staff for a quick launch and rapid efficiency gains.
Capitalization: Enjoy optimal IT and service benefits at a fraction of the cost of other systems.
EMR Compatibility: MBA programmers provide seamless interface with your preferred Electronic Medical Records solution.
EMOI® Automates Processes, Improves Efficiency

Schedule appointments with multiple resources
“Find appointment” feature
Supports staggered appointments with multiple resources
Block times for non-patient activities
Cut, copy, and paste appointments
Daily, weekly, and monthly views
Complete audit trail for each appointment
Print summaries and reports
Meets or exceeds all HIPAA regulations
Reporting features

Easily add notes to chart
Keep track of patient’s vitals
View demographics, vitals, diagnoses/treatments, medications, etc. on one screen
Meets or exceeds all HIPAA regulations

Easily review all patient billing information for that day
One-click to send billing information to MBA for processing

With EMOI® from Medical Billing Advantage, you get the technology, access, security and support you need for comprehensive, efficient practice management. To learn more, contact us today!