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User-friendly and Secure

The architecture of the Medical Billing Advantage system is UNIX® based and features a user-friendly Windows interface. It allows us to construct each client database and file layout independently from all other databases. This offers your group a very high level of database security.  Our clients love the ease of use and power of our technology and no longer worry about data security.

Smooth, Cost-effective Transition

We use most existing PC equipment, so your transition is more cost effective. More importantly, this minimizes initial capitalization, as well as ongoing maintenance and support fees. As always, MBA’s dedicated local service and support network will provide you initial training, as well as ongoing training, support and upgrades.  This all works together to provide a very quick return on investment for the upfront transition from other solution providers.  This is a claim that not all others can provide.

Fast Claims Processing

The networking capabilities can process the claims from checkout to electronic claim submission. MBA submits claims electronically to all payors with electronic capability (including OBWC and their MCO’s) on a daily basis. This results in dramatically shifting your accounts receivable from Past Due to Current, improving cash flow and the bottom line.

Programming and Setup Done Right!

Through years of experience MBA has learned how to smoothly and quickly transition from any existing platform to an MBA solution – offering peace of mind and a fast ROI.  If your practice or group demands secure, flexible, user-friendly access to vital information for practice management, then you need Medical Billing Advantage. Contact us to learn more!