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MBA Provides Seamless EMR Integration

The pace of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) adoption is accelerating, from fewer than 10% of healthcare providers in 2006, to over 40% today. And, as you know, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is using both incentives and penalties in a drive toward universal adoption in just a few years’ time.

Whether you have selected your EMR solution, or you are still researching the best alternative for your business, Medical Billing Advantage is eager and able to work with you.

At MBA, we have designed our software and systems to adapt to any EMR solution in the market today. Our expert programmers are skilled in writing thorough protocols to provide quick, seamless EMR integration for your practice or group. This approach allows you, as the client, the ultimate flexibility in choosing the EMR solution that is best for you and we’ll integrate accordingly to assure the solutions work together seemlessly. This is our commitment to you.

To learn more about MBA’s unique, highly adaptive EMR integration solutions, contact us today!