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An Innovative Approach to Compliance

MBA gives you greater control over your own regulatory compliance and your own financial future.

As a Medical Billing Advantage client, you will be more confident that you are adhering to the letter and spirit of regulations, and that you are collecting the appropriate revenue you have earned.

How do you achieve this confidence?

MBA trains physicians in procedural coding, and also utilizes the technology to manage and optimize the optimal coding for the type of procedures performed. The processes and technology deployed with MBA eliminates a layer of processing, while assuring things are done correctly. Enhancing your group’s cash flow, along with compliance accountability, is a winning combination to assure the business is maximizing results.

The model is designed to allow you to focus your time on caring for your  patients, and billing correctly for the underlying medical necessity of your services. With MBA you will be able to code your own charts within the technology and the control point, which will reside with the health care provider for the services being performed.  It eliminates the need for separate billing, keying, and manipulation of internal or external billing staff.

Proper Coding for Maximum Reimbursement

MBA provides a full array of compliance control training, support processes and audit options. We help facilitate compliance within your billing system, and help ensure that you are reimbursed appropriately for the revenue you submit for collections!

To learn more about MBA’s innovative compliance solutions, contact us today!